Clinicians and Researchers Can Now Do What They Do Best.

Informatics platform solutions and consulting services for translational research discoveries across the medical spectrum, from bench to bedside.

CiDrep genome analysis Pipeline PerDic makes it easier for clinicians to confirm disease-causing variants in patients.
— Wayne Craige, Founder and CEO

Leadership and Advisory Board Members

CiDrep's team brings global perspective, deep industry experience, strong expertise and the innovation to drive CiDrep's success.

team Wayne Craige Founder and CEO

Wayne is CiDrep’s founder and chief informatics consultant, responsible for defining and managing the company’s growth, vision and business strategy.

team Vicky Foster, OCP, MBA Chief Product Officer

Vicky is responsible for defining strategy, principles and standards for clinical and research product data for CiDrep and its client's

team Viren Patel, Ph.D Chief Technology Officer

Viren Patel is chief information officer, where he leads the advancement of technology services, bioinformatics, informatics software and cloud technologies.

CiDrep Partnerships

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