Clinical Informatics and Disease Registry Enterprise Platform Solutions for Life Sciences and Healthcare Delivery

CiDrep solutions break down data silos and provide knowledge of patient or research-subject data that can be put back into practice to help clinicians and researchers do what they do best – care of patients and find cures for diseases.

Scientific research organizations are increasingly looking for collaboration tools to enable researchers and clinicians to work more closely together to bring new diagnostics tools to patient care quicker than ever before.
— We will help you find the right solutions of your research laboratory or healthcare organization. —

Leadership and Advisory Board Members

CiDrep's team brings global perspective, deep industry experience, strong expertise and the innovation to drive CiDrep's success.

team Wayne Craige Founder and Chief Executive Office

Mr. Craige is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of CiDrep, defining and managing CiDrep’s vision, growth and strategic operations.

team Latasha Cain, MBA, DBAc Chief Operating Officer

Latasha is responsible for all operational functions at CiDrep, including its market-oriented position, facilities, strategic alliances, and corporate development.

team Vicky Foster, OCP, MBA Chief Product Officer

Vicky is responsible for defining strategy, principles and standards for clinical and research product data for CiDrep and its client's


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