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Extend the life of your non-IBM server, storage and networking hardware and simplify support.
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Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members and Organization

team David T. Okou, MS, Ph.D. Advisor, Emory University

Dr. David Okou is an Assistant Professor in the department of pediatric at the Emory University School of Medicine.

team Prabhu Shankar, MD, MS, MRCP (UK) Advisor, Emory University

Dr. Prabhu Shankar is an Assistant Professor and Clinical Informaticist at Emory University, where he leads the informatics team.

team Paul Schur, General Manager Advisor, Slalom Consulting

Paul is general manager at Slalom Consulting with over 15 years of experience, including strategic product launches and outsourcing.

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data-6-747844How much time do you need to integrate, clean, and transform data from different sources?

Let us streamline your data cleansing and transformations with advanced ontology and algorithm mechanisms that enable operational reuse. CiDrep help healthcare and life sciences clients manage their entire data life cycle with tools to enable better analysis, scientific validation, interpretation and management of data, that are reusability, sharable and enhance productivity and operational efficiency.

By combining CiDrep’s vast biomedical and healthcare informatics solutions and services capabilities with our partner’s IT, software, security, cloud and systems expertise, we’re able to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients.

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