GE Centricity EMR Software & Healthcare IT Provider
With EMR solutions from Centricity®, patient information is tracked in the cloud from the point of first contact with your organization. Clinical activities, orders, medication administration, documentation and results — every critical detail of the patient records are available to the care team, when and where they need it. Working with CiDrep, you get access to our team of health IT infrastructure consultants, industry-trained informaticians, no time wasted and the result is improved clinical workflow, greater efficiency, and better patient service. 

What is CiDrep's Platform?

CiDrep™ is an ontology-driven computational data platform that put insights derived from biomedical, clinical and public health information to use for patient care management. We are working in the new era of linking phenotypic and genotypic information to develop personalized data-driven insights tailored to individuals in need of care.

Data science platforms are advancing at a rapid pace and is at the heart of our work. CiDrep™ makes it easier and possible to collect, store and organize health data to discover links between DNA sequence variations and human disease, and increase the speed and accuracy for NGS data analysis like whole genome sequencing.

Understanding our clients' challenges and celebrating their successes.

Our mission is to deliver innovative healthcare IT and laboratory informatics solutions that accelerate healthcare delivery and research discovery for all. Regardless of your specialty and business size, we strive to understand your challenges, listen to your needs and help you unlock the technology, work-flow and data sciences challenges you need to care best for your patients and improve your research.