What's your next big care delivery or research discovery idea?
CiDrep Informatics is a clinical, scientific and laboratory informatics consulting and technology solutions firm providing strategic and scalable enterprise-level solutions that transforms businesses and create tangible results. 

Clinical, Healthcare, Research and Radiology Informatics Services

CiDrep is an informatics consulting and technology solutions firm that provides strategic business and strategies to help facilitate accelerated growth. We have deep specialty in integrating and building clinical, healthcare, research and radiology informatics high-performing HIPAA compliant technology solutions within companies’ existing technology platforms to improve health, patient care and health sciences research. CiDrep’s strength is in our technology-agnostic approach to identify high-performing solutions to drive usability and adoption for Acute Care, Ambulatory, Population Health, Clinical Practice, Long-Term Post-Acute Care, Behavioral Health, Home Health and PACS facilities. Our team work closely with executive stakeholders to develop and deploy measurable return on investment.