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Welcome to CiDrep


Welcome to CiDrep Informatics

CiDrep is a healthcare informatics and multi-brand technology provider to hospitals, life sciences, education and public health organizations in the United States and Canada. We equips organizations and health professionals with technology and informatics services needing to facilitate novel research and compassionate care.

CiDrep Informatics, Inc., is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) under the guidelines of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), Inc.

Company Overview

CiDrep Informatics Corporation, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a provider of bioinformatics services, healthcare IT products, biotechnology, cloud computing platforms, medical devices and clinical (EMR/PM) practice solutions to physician offices, non-profit healthcare organizations, hospitals, university research laboratories and life sciences organizations. We work with our local Georgia community organizations, state-wide, nationally and internationally.

Where did the name CiDrep came from?

CiDrep (pronounced:See Drep) is an acronym (a short name) created by our founder, which stems from our foundation, core business focus and our capabilities Clinical Informatics and Disease Repository Enterprise Platforms. We were able to trademark “CiDrepand get the dot com URLs that we own and use.

How Can CiDrep Help You?

CiDrep is dedicated to helping you realize technology success and prime your organization to meet all future needs for research laboratory (bioinformatics), consumer care (public health), patient care (clinical and medical) and radiology (imaging services).

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Our Mission, Vision and Strategic Focus

Our Vision
Accelerating Biomedical Research Discovery and Healthcare Delivery For All™

CiDrep focus on delivering health, biomedical and scientific informatics services and technology solutions, driven by efforts to improve human health and to create a strong and trusted CiDrep brand. In light of the global demand for affordable healthcare treatments, technologies to accumulate informatics domain-specific data and knowledge, translational medicine capabilities, and people’s desire for personalized medicine for their well being – we are confident in our chosen vision and strategic direction.

What We do
CiDrep provides health information technology products, clinical informatics services, and translational bioinformatics solutions. The company optimizes essential clinical and research services for organizations to accelerate patient care delivery and scientific research discovery. We solved challenges encountered by single-doctor practices, large health systems, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences, by equipping physicians and researchers with the technology they need to provide more effective multidisciplinary care and enhance research initiatives.

Our Mission
To be the premier provider of innovative clinical and research informatics services that accelerate research discoveries and healthcare delivery in one of the most heavily regulated sectors of the economy.

Our Focus
CiDrep focuses exclusively on life sciences, translational research and healthcare delivery organizations. Our people are knowledgeable and trained to deliver powerful and repeatable informatics solutions for our clients – our name stems from the heart of what we doClinical Informatics and Disease Repository Enterprise Platform (CiDrep)™. 

Our Clients
Ambulatory Care Medical Centers  Ξ  Academic Medical Centers  Ξ  Academic & Research Universities  Ξ  Behavioral Health Care Centers  Ξ  Biopharmaceutical Companies  Ξ  Biomedical Research Organizations  Ξ  Nursing Care Center  Ξ  Pathology and Clinical Laboratory.

The Problem
For years, life sciences, translational research and healthcare delivery organizations have faced a massive data problem, unable to efficiently and effectively identify, aggregate, map and analyze volumes of data. We strive to enable researchers and clinicians to gain key insights from data and practice, achieve their greatest and be transformed by our exceptional informatics services and technology solutions, as we work hard to consistently improve life sciences research and healthcare delivery for all.

Our Solutions
Our solutions and services help clients solve their complex challenges of implementing informatics strategies. Enabling our clients to integrate systems across clinics, laboratories and biobanks, such as: Clinical Patient Registries  Ξ  Disease Research Registries  Ξ  Electronic Health Records (EHR) System  Ξ  Integrated Research Management Systems  Ξ  Translational Research Systems  Ξ  Laboratory Information Management Systems  Ξ  Electronic Lab Notebook Systems  Ξ  Bio-repository Management Systems  and  Multi-vendors Healthcare IT Products and Systems.