Why Informatics: The quality and safety of care

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Why We Focus on Informatics

CiDrep is a unique firm that brings true scientific to business

Welcome to CiDrep! We focus on informatics because we are motivated by the need to create new solutions — often by using information technology — that enhance biomedical science, the health of the populace, and the quality and safety of care that is provided to individuals when they are ill.

We are strategically focused to find solutions and resolved challenges in the biomedical informatics domain for the aggregation, mapping, interpretation and representation of patient data and clinical information. Data sources stem from; imaging informatics (Tissues and Organs), clinical informatics (Patients/EHR), public health informatics (Population and Society) and bioinformatics (Molecular and Cellular Processes).

For these reasons, we are passionate about the opportunity to build a firm from the ground up. A unique firm that deliver true and new solutions that ultimately affect outcomes, treatment costs and the delivery of care. CiDrep is prepared for the many business challenges and unique opportunities to find solutions to manage the intensive, complexity and amount of health information that is presenting considerable challenges in the adoption of information technology to increase the efficiency and enhance the quality of clinical services. Hence, we are passionate about finding solutions to complex and interesting healthcare challenges presented to us.

Our team is very focus on helping our clients, and we do so by delivering very specific and very-high-quality informatics solutions and services. Services that unlock the knowledge within data to improve the understanding of the volume, breadth and impact of information on treatments, patient engagements and diseases so that our clients can gain a clear competitive advantage. 

With a strong team, a strong value proposition and mission, CiDrep enables client’s success while helping to improve the health of our communities and the well-being of the people we work with everyday. Our mission is to deliver cost effective, highly stable and secure informatics soltuons that will accelerate care delivery and research discoveries for all.

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