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Our Vision

Sharing CiDrep’s Vision to Drive Healthcare and Research Forward

The world of healthcare is no exception to the technology revolutionary impacting all facets of our lives, shaping our business world as much as our personal lives and leisure time. Healthcare information technology (IT) and clinical informatics are helping to shape the way diseases are diagnosed and treated and patient care is delivered. We are in the age of “data collaboration” where multiple specialists need to work together to diagnose and care for the patient—and it’s the underline information technology that’s making this possible.

For these reasons, we are passionate about the opportunity to build a firm from the ground up to drive healthcare forward. A unique firm that deliver true and innovative products and solutions that ultimately affect outcomes, treatment costs and the delivery of care. CiDrep is prepared for the many business challenges and unique opportunities to find solutions to manage the intensive, complexity and amount of health information that is presenting considerable challenges in the adoption of information technology to increase the efficiency and enhance the quality of clinical services. Hence, we are passionate about finding solutions to complex and interesting healthcare challenges presented to us.

The next phase of healthcare IT development will be to take data from hospital silos and use it to gain a much deeper insight into the incidence of a particular disease. This will allow us to define personalized treatment plans develop more effective treatment methods and run demographic studies or undertake population health analysis. So what does the future hold for technology in the context of how healthcare is evolving? The main drivers will continue to be cost, quality, regulations and patient needs, but the biggest change on the horizon is the shift that will be driven by patients themselves. Our mission is to deliver cost effective, highly stable and secure informatics solutions that will accelerate care delivery and research discoveries for all. Contact us today!