CiDrep Community Impact

CiDrep Community Impact


Clinical, health, radiology and research informatics is all we do – our people, services and technology solutions are dedicated to nothing else!

Outline below is our priority funding area for our community initiatives.

CiDrep is devoted to improving the quality of life of every sick children. We seek to support the care and well-being of children health in Georgia by providing fundings, investing in pediatric care, scientific research and support the mission of hospitals who care for sick kids. To achieve this, we encourage an environment in which our associates, clients, and partners can join us and work to improve the communities we live in.

CiDrep SickKids Foundation

In 2017, CiDrep Informatics, Inc. (CiDrep) founded the CiDrep SickKids Foundation, Inc., to directly fund sick kids health-related needs and pediatric research when insurance and other financial resources have been exhausted. Serving as the primary philanthropic organization supported by CiDrep, company funding (as well as donations, events and grants income) covers all administrative costs of the foundation. This allows 100 percent of funds from private and individual donors and corporations to directly impact the care of a child.

CiDrep SickKids Foundation (a “charity”) is a public foundation that seeks to support the care and wellbeing of children health by providing fundings, investing in pediatric care, scientific research and the mission of hospitals. the primary nature of the foundation is to fundraising for hospitals, pediatric healthcare-care and research research organizations for sick children.

CiDrep SickKids Foundation focuses on two primary program area: (1) pediatric care, and (2) pediatric research to enhance the life and well-being children. Specific programs are identified and approved by the charity’s board of directors, which are determined to be in furtherance of the charity’s mission and charitable purposes.

For more information, please visit the CiDrep SickKids Foundation website.