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CiDrep SickKids Foundation

In 2017, CiDrep Informatics, Inc. (CiDrep) founded the CiDrep SickKids Foundation, Inc., to directly fund children with health-related needs and pediatric research when insurance and other financial resources have been exhausted. Serving as the primary philanthropic organization supported by CiDrep, company funding (as well as donations, request, devises, transfers, gifts, events and grants income) covers all administrative costs of the foundation. This allows 100 percent of funds from private and individual donors and corporations to directly impact the care of a child.

The foundation seeks to support the care and wellbeing of children —both domestically and internationally— who need health assistance with clinical necessities (such as surgery, therapy and medication) by providing medical equipment, and travel related to care, investment in pediatric scientific research and the mission of health facilities.

About CiDrep SickKids Foundation

The CiDrep SickKids Foundation a public 501(c)(3) organization public charity organization, also known as CiDrep SickKids (the “Foundation”), was incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia as a nonprofit corporation without share capital. The Foundation receives, accumulates and distributes funds and/or the income therefrom for the benefit of CiDrep Sick Kids (the “Foundation”), any hospital providing care for children, medical research organizations, a child or person, in respect of medical care, research and other activities related to the health of children.

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