CiDrep Informatics Team

CiDrep Leadership and Advisory Board Members

Biographies of CiDrep Leadership and Members of our Advisors

HOME Darell Wells, MD Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Darrell Wells is CiDrep, Chief Clinical Officer. His experience includes direct patient care and working with commercial companies on projects adoption clinical and research information technology solutions.

HOME Traciann Craig-Ferguson Director of Human Resources

Traciann Craig-Ferguson is CiDrep’s Chief Human Resources Officer. She leads CiDrep's staff and people services function and all aspects of its human capital operations and talent acquisition.

HOME Wayne Craige, MBA, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer

Wayne Craige is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of CiDrep Informatics. Wayne is responsible for the strategic direction and performance of the company as well as working with the leadership team.

HOME Brad Agadoni Technical, Advisory Board Member

Brad is a Senior Professional Services Consultant at Amazon Web Services and previously served as Senior Manager at Accenture and Chief Technology Officer for a nationwide financial services company.

HOME Vicky Foster, OCP, MBA Chief Information Officer

Vicky has over 19 years experience as an Oracle Database Administrator and Technical Manager. Her experience span across healthcare, government, manufacturing, banking and logistics industries.

HOME Prabhu Shankar, MD, MS, MRCP (UK) Clinical, Advisory Board Member

Dr. Prabhu Shankar is an Assistant Adjunct Professor and Clinical Informatician at UC Davis Health. Dr. Shankar's research interests include use of EHR data for research, predictive modeling and ontology.

HOME David T. Okou, M.S., Ph.D. Scientific, Advisory Board Member

Dr. David Okou is an Assistant Professor in the department of pediatric at the Emory University School of Medicine. He's trained in human genetics, genomic data analysis and genomics sequencing technologies.