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GE Healthcare Centricity™ is a fully integrated Electronic Medical Record software solutions to streamline primary and specialty care workflows, including documentations, quality reporting, analytics and surveillance. GE Centricity™ EMR ensures that patient records are available whenever and wherever they are needed. And because guaranteed availability is vital, combining this capability with the solid reliability of CiDrep Informatics services provides the uptime assurance health care professionals rely on.
* Centricity EMR & PM can be tailored to be use individually, together, and to your unique workflow and preferences, enabling you to practice medicine more effectively in the way you prefer

GE Centricity™ Electronic Medical Record (EMR) – Ambulatory Information System

CiDrep Centricity™ Healthcare Information Technology (IT) solutions for Integrated Care create actionable insight across the healthcare system and the care pathway, enabling better clinical and financial outcomes for: Enterprise Imaging, Care Delivery Management, Population Health, Financial Management and Workforce Management.

Centricity™ EMR Software Solution
Centricity™ Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) module in Centricity™ Practice Solution offers secure clinical records storage, so you can capture, store, and transmit essential patient data. Quick data entry methods and at-a-glance access to patient information puts everything right where you need it. Centricity Practice Solution v12.0 is a certified ONC 2014 Edition compliant complete EHR. Centricity™ Electronic Medical Record (EMR) offers physician offices an ambulatory EMR that integrates well with revenue cycle management and practice management solutions. Now physicians and their support staff can devote more time to treating patients with efficient online access to patient records. Backed by 30 years of experience, GE Healthcare’s Centricity EMR solution is designed to help you enhance the clinical productivity of your ambulatory practice.

And because availability is so vital to your patient’s care, there is no good time for a computer system to be down—especially if it holds the critical patient and business data that is the lifeblood of your organization. That’s why Centricity EMR is deployed and supported by CiDrep for continuous availability and uptime. For many years CiDrep technical consultants has build key infrastructures for hospitals and healthcare providers, many of the world’s largest teaching hospitals and physician offices.

Working together, CiDrep and GE have created a solution that truly transforms healthcare delivery and turns information into informatics insight, with the reliability to handle the most demanding life-critical computing challenges.