CiDrep | Clinical Informatics and Disease Repository Enterprise Platform

CiDrep Platform – Genomics Data Solutions

CiDrep™ is an ontology-driven platform that put insights derived from biomedical, clinical and public health data to use for improving life sciences research, healthcare delivery and track clinical practice patterns that may yield higher-quality and lower-cost patient outcomes.

Genomic Data Analysis, Interpretation and Reporting

Our team include scientists, clinicians and board certified genetic experts dedicated to helping pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical technology and healthcare companies deliver better patient outcomes. CiDrep platform brings new diagnostics tools to patient care quickly than ever before. Our solution, which is streamlined and updated with latest research and clinical tool-sets, contributes to further improving patient care.

We make it easier and possible to collect, map and harmonize data to discover links between DNA sequence variations and human disease, and increase the speed and accuracy for NGS data analysis like whole genome sequencing to develop personalized data-driven insights tailored to individuals in need of care.