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Our Clients – Hospitals, Physician Offices & Laboratory

We solves challenges in health care delivery, pharmaceutical, biomedical and health sciences research, health education, clinical decision making and equip physicians and researchers with the technology they need to provide more effective multidisciplinary care, and enhance research initiatives.

Clients We Serve:

CiDrep provides clinical, laboratory informatics, technology and software — often by using informatics and information technology — to enhance the safety and care delivery that is provided to individuals when they are ill. CiDrep provides biomedical informatics services and technology for the healthcare and life sciences industry. Whether you are in need of a practice management system or an enterprise-wide revenue cycle management solution, CiDrep can help you advance your business performance. Working together, our clients and CiDrep have created solutions that truly transforms healthcare delivery and turns information into insight, with the reliability to handle the most demanding life-critical computing challenges. We serve all practice specialties.

Practices/Groups and Organization Types:

  • Small Practices, Medium Practices, Hospitals and Health Systems, Imaging and Radiology Centers, Genomic Research Laboratories, and Translational Science Laboratories