Scientific Informatics Services

Scientific Informatics Services – Genomics Solutions

CiDrep offers genomic data solutions, which can be tailored to specific clinical or research perspectives and goals: to cost effectively provide detailed annotation and interpretation of your genomic data and concise customized reports of findings in a timely fashion.


CiDrep Workflow – Analysis, Interpretation and Reporting

We provide a powerful point of access to established research and clinical laboratory, medical and academic institutions. By leveraging our genomic solutions, you can improve your practice, offer better care and fulfill the promise of personalized medicine.

  1. Data QC Mapping and Variant Calling
  2. Variant Identification and Annotation
  3. Interpretation and Reporting
  4. Extraction of Disease Variant and Data Cataloguing into Clinical Repository

Computational Pipeline Platform 

CiDrep computational infrastructure support cloud-based genomic analysis pipeline that make it easier for clinicians and researchers to analyze genomic data from whole genomes, whole exome, transcriptome or targeted genomic regions from any locations. We offer support to clinicians and researchers who investigate the contribution of genetic variants to human monogenic and complex diseases. Our service platform is built specifically for genomics studies and testing has high-throughput and multi-processing capabilities