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Clinical and Laboratory Data Management


Successful data protection and management requires investment in a solid backup and management platform — to be able to share data from multiple sources with powerful recovery tools to gain data immediately – which makes it better to identify, aggregate, analyze and represent your data from all aspects of business.

We focus on the four broad domains of data sources, from informatics and the three primary areas of technology involving: 



CiDrep help healthcare and life sciences clients manage their entire data life cycle with tools to enable better analysis, scientific validation, interpretation and management of data, that are reusability, sharable and enhance productivity and operational efficiency. CiDrep can manage the storage, retrieval, sharing and optimal use of clinical and genomic data, with software/tools for problem solving and decision making for clinicians and scientists needing to analyze patient and research-subjects data. 

Data Protection

Match your data backup protection plan to your business

In an increasingly complex data recovery environment, you shouldn’t have to compromise your data protection strategy based on your vendors’ product features. At CiDrep, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to data protection, and you shouldn’t be limited to one either. CiDrep will match you backup to your business and build the most efficient and effective solution for your unique business. 

Through award-winning partner data protection solutions such as AppAssure, NetVault Backup, vRanger and the DR and DL families of backup appliances, we can build fully-optimized data protection environments for any size of business quickly and easily, without changing your overall data protection strategy.

Application protection
Mission-critical business applications must be available and protected for your business to remain functional and competitive. Ensure uptime, protect your applications and reduce the complexity and management of your backup and recovery environment with CiDrep data protection solutions.

Backup and recovery
Implement backup and recovery solutions that can protect data across a wide range of applications, platforms and operating systems, while simplifying management across any size organization – physical, virtual or hybrid – CiDrep data protection has the right solution for your backup and recovery environment.

Disaster recovery and replication
Achieve cost-effective disaster recovery with continuous data backup and replication from physical and virtual environments. Replicate to another location to protect against natural disaster or a data corruption event while minimizing performance impact. Perform granular recovery of individual files in seconds and entire systems in just minutes with CiDrep data protection.

Virtual protection
Capitalize on the cost-efficiency and scalability benefits of virtualization, while working within existing, hybrid environments and without adding complexity or extended management hours.

Email protection
Help ensure availability and compliance for one of your most important modes of communication. An email continuity service helps you avoid downtime and lost messages. An email archiving service simplifies compliance while enabling fast searches of large message volumes.