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Superior care is greatest when technology is guided by informatics

“We understand informatics challenges and technologies unique to healthcare and life sciences organizations. From tools that permit insight-driven approaches to leveraging data to managing several key information technology points within healthcare and life sciences organizations through our bioinformatics, clinical research informatics, clinical informatics, consumer health informatics and public health informatics capabilities.

Academic Medical Centers and Clinical and Translational Science Institutes (CTSIs)

CiDrep understands translation research challenges and we are working on research informatics services and solutions which will enable academic medical centers and translational researchers to track outcomes, advance cross-disease research and take an evidence-based approach to improving treatment outcomes. We are working to empower researchers to collaborate with others locally and nationally and share valuable research data, by providing technology platforms that enable intelligent data queries and visualization for researchers to identify disease patterns, and configurable genomic data analysis tools and research workflows to meet researchers’ needs specific to their evolving labs.

Public Health, Hospitals and Health Care Systems

The increasing scrutiny of outcomes and quality measures from patients, payers, and regulators is forcing providers to better understand the need to identify practice patterns and other factors that lead cost savings and higher quality outcomes—and then ensure that those positive patterns are replicated throughout the delivery network in order to benefit payers and patients. We can help with the challenges of tracking outcomes and quality measures in ways never before possible to recognize care and treatment patterns at every level—from multi-hospital enterprise-wide to individual physician’s practice and patients. Our solutions includes you gaining true longitudinal (360°) view of your patients data by combining data from disparate health systems databases into a single repository. We also offer clinical information systems consulting and IT solutions to improve your technical capabilities.

Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Medical Device Firms

Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices firms all working continuously to deliver a portfolio of informatics solutions that will ultimately provide drug and device manufacturers with the tools they need to utilize predictive informatics to improve the speed and efficacy of new drugs and devices. We can help solve challenging integrative informatics implementation and systems integration problems, to determine optimal interventions and improve the speed and efficacy of new bio-technology, drugs and device development.

Payer Organizations

Analyzing key claims, cost, and quality data to recognize patterns at every level is critical for business, hence we can design and develop enterprise-wide informatics systems and data repositories for individual payer organizations and members. We then find explored ways to identify clinicians practice patterns and other factors that produce higher-quality outcomes with greater efficiency that can make timely adjustments to reduce costs and increase productivity.


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