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What We Do – Informatics + Technology

Clinical, Healthcare, Public Health, Medical and Laboratory Informatics is all we do – our people, products, technology solutions and consulting services are dedicated to nothing else!

We Provide Informatics Professional Services:

Healthcare IT Assessment/Planning/Design. Assessments provide the foundational support for an effective IT strategy. Our technical consultants, consult and collaborate with your IT team to evaluate your infrastructure and help ensure it can scale to meet changing technology requirements.


Clients CiDrep Serves

Technology Installation/Deployment. Our installation services ensure your new technology is up and running as fast as possible. A technical consultant can be onsite to help you with all facets of installation, making sure your technology is connected and working properly, and that all components are talking to your network.

Health Informatics Consulting. Our work results in the integration of IT and clinical information department to create an Informatics Department. Our work results in the development of Clinical Informatics solutions that support efficiency, care quality and mitigation of clinical information policies and governance risks for Electronic Patient Records.

Clinical and Biomedical Data Analyst. Our work help healthcare and research organizations identify, aggregate, normalized, interpret and represent data from widely disparate data sources, to identify undiscovered patterns in data in ways that are meaningful for clinicians.

Bioinformatics Services. Our work design and developed next generation sequencing (NGS) genomic data analysis workflow that facilitates and accelerated biomedical research discoveries.

On-site Configuration. We can customize your technology solutions to your precise specifications at CiDrep’s office — from simple installations and device activation to highly complex network operation system installation and enterprise configurations.

Clients Services

We help healthcare providers, medical centers, integrated delivery network (IDN) providers and research institutions.

  1. Ambulatory Care (Outpatient Care): Ambulatory care providers, including outpatient surgery facilities, rehabilitation centers, infusion centers, group practices and others.
  2. Ambulatory Care / Office-Based Surgery:  Health Care organizations or practices composed of five or more doctors performing surgical procedures.
  3. Behavioral Health Care: Behavioral health organizations, including those that provide mental health, chemical dependency, child welfare, foster care, and mental retardation/developmental disabilities services for clients of various ages in various organized service settings.
  4. Critical Access Hospital:  Hospitals with a patient census of less than 25 and that are located more than 35 miles from a hospital or another critical access hospital, or are certified by the state as being a necessary provider of health care services to residents in the area.
  5. Home Care Providers:  Home care organizations, including those that provide home health services, personal care and support services, home infusion(intravenous or IV Therapy) and other pharmacy services, durable medical equipment services and hospice services.
  6. Home Care/Hospice Deemed Status: Home care agencies and hospices that receive federal payment from Medicare or Medicaid programs.  The organizations must be certified as complying with the Conditions of Participation, or standards, set forth in the federal regulations.
  7. Hospital:  General medical/surgical, psychiatric, long term care acute, rehabilitation and surgical specialty.
  8. Nursing Care Center:  Skilled Nursing Facilities, nursing homes, and hospital based beds licensed as long term care, including subacute care and transitional care units.
  9. Long Term Care Deemed Status: Facilities that receive federal payment from Medicare or Medicaid programs.  The organizations must be certified as complying with the Conditions of Participation, or standards, set forth in the federal regulations.
  10. Medicare-Medicaid Certification-Based Long Term Care: Medicare/Medicaid certification based long term care accreditation is a one-day/one fee LTC survey that is based on a sub-set of LTC standards that do not duplicate the CMS Conditions of Participation. Available for Medicare/Medicaid certified skilled nursing facilities/nursing facilities.
  11. Office-Based Surgery Facilities:  Small organizations or practices composed of four or fewer doctors performing surgical procedures.
  12. Pathology and Clinical Laboratory:  Hospital-based main laboratories or testing facilities, free-standing laboratories, embryology laboratories, reference laboratories, blood banks and donor centers.