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CiDrep PerDic™ – Genomic Platform

CiDrep PerDic™ – A Platform to Massively Speed Up Genomic Analysis, Annotation and Filtering of Variants from Hours to Minutes

Power your next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflows from analysis, annotation, filtering to variant report with accessible, scalable and compliant genomics platform solutions for your lab. PerDic™ is a powerful pipeline toolkit that make it easier for researchers to analyze exome, whole genomes, conduct human disease studies and identify/confirm disease-causing variants in patients.

CiDrep™ – Analyzing, Annotating and Filtering Variants. 

Healthcare organizations are increasingly looking for collaboration tools to enable scientists and clinicians to work more closely together to bring new diagnostics tools to patient care quickly than ever before. Our Pipeline will help both researchers and clinicians to analyze, recognize and actualize insights from disease variants data that can further accelerate critical scientific research and patient care.

CiDrep™ Workflow Overview

  1. Data Sourcing, Mapping and Refinery
  2. Tuning, Duplication and Trace
  3. Variant Discovery, Genotyping and Annotation
  4. Disease Specific Variant Extraction
  5. Disease Variant Data Clinical Repository

CiDrep™ Genomic Data Analysis

CiDrep™ provides a powerful point of access to established laboratory genomic tests in hospitals and medical research centers for a range of diseases including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Ulcerative colitis (UC) and other pediatric conditions. By developing a scientific informatics platform needed to deliver clinically relevant disease variants results, CiDrep ™ NGS pipeline is delivering genomically enhanced medical results—cost-effective genomics testing that’s easy for any clinician to assist with patient care.

CiDrep™ Use Case for Personalized Medicine

Genomics testing has the potential to revolutionize patient care if physicians can offer it broadly to all the patients that might need it. As such, we built an integrated NGS data analysis, collaborative and workflow system for human disease-variant. CiDrep™ provides a powerful point of access and use case to established laboratory developed tests developed by hospitals and medical research centers for a range of diseases including IBD, UC and other pediatric conditions.