CiDrep Deployment Approach | CiDrep MethodC™

CiDrep Services Approach 

CiDrep Method C

A Unique Services Deployment Approach

We understand the issues and opportunities unique to life sciences industries. We help can help with a range of services and solutions, such as: Bioinformatics | Data Management | Basic Research LIMS | Laboratory IT Support | Cloud Services |  Data Registry | Registry Platforms | Imaging Informatics


We developed a unique deployment methodology designed specifically for CiDrep engagements and service delivery model for our clients. It is our single engagement and service delivery model, supporting every aspect of your services, platform and products investment. MethodC™ is supported by deep analysis, scientific inquiry and informatics domain expertise, to resolve healthcare and researchers data challenges. MethodC™ is CiDrep services delivery methodology for data optimization and organizational change through enabling registry and research informatics technology solutions. It is a methodology for rapidly implementing complex large-scale enterprise informatics systems, including local, multi facility and regional registry systems.

  • An internally developed process for data collection, aggregation and mapping tool to support CiDrep consulting engagements; it represents a significant dollar investment.
  • A knowledge base of successful practices and other CiDrep Healthcare and Research Solutions’ intellectual property for our consultants
  • Used to capture and document current and future state including red flags, best/successful practices, key decisions, culture impacts, and other process related information
  • A knowledge for clients who want to learn while we are onsite and want to be able to continue to do what we do after we leave the project.

CiDrep Method

Our methodology is based on our integrative, longitudinal approach to deal with clinical and genomic data within your firm to better understand the challenges you faced. More broadly, we have demonstrated that an integrative ontology and study design is an efficient alternative to existing process and technology consulting methods for the implementation  of complex clinical and scientific registries and related data challenges.

Services and Project Automation

Our unique method approach brings together people, solution and workflow knowledge, execution framework (project plans and governance) and the Ontology that drives the unique functionality of all data entry, data extraction, and data analysis tools on our biomedical informatics platform. This ensures that any service you use focuses on your organizational imperatives and follows a disciplined and scientific process. It gives our clients end-to-end project portfolio management visibility, allowing your organization the control its needs over applications, products, investments and projects.

Co-Delivery Model

CiDrep utilizes a unique framework to deliver its cloud-based registry software and research informatics products and services for clinical and research systems optimization. Our framework represents how we do our work – it provides the method, content, tools, applications and associated training to deliver our informatics services.