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We can design from start to finish data sequencing bioinformatics tools for computational intelligence. We start from the early stages of project design and development, all the way through your entire operations (biological and clinical data analysis) – all managed by us on-premises or cloud-based.

Engage us to design and build bioinformatics sequence analysis software tool and  computational biology tools for computational intelligence work, for gene expression, gene selection, cancer classification, protein function prediction, multiple sequence alignment and DNA fragment assembly

Intended Customers

We are highly capable informatics scientists, engineers and IT support specialist, with experience supporting academic research laboratories, medical facilities, third-party biotech companies and pharmaceuticals. We perform all types of analyses (routine and customized) that involve any types of Next Generation Sequences data produced from any sequencing platforms, and for any established pipeline or novel applications, then further work with you to implement cloud-based registries to house and manage your big data.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of software development services to fit the needs of any client with a unique understanding of their solutions. CiDrep’s team develops bioinformatics solutions to meet the needs of individual projects, and carry out the solutions directly. This model applies to small-scale/project-based, occasional/seasonal and full-engagement/long-term projects that include a bioinformatics component, or require a bioinformatics solution.

CiDrep Method (CiDrep Consulting Methodology)

We developed a unique consultation methodology – CiDrep Method, designed specifically for CiDrep engagements and service delivery model for our clients. It is our single engagement and service delivery model, supporting every aspect of your bioinformatics solution, registries and informatics platform investments. Your organization will receive deliverables precisely meeting your specifications, with operation-level details, whether you are in need of on-going/routine or stand-alone bioinformatics tasks.