Enterprise Informatics Services

Enterprise Clinical Informatics Services

CiDrep enterprise informatics solutions and services to support clinical trials and research discoveries. We can help you unlock the full transformative power of your enterprise-wide data, to handle all your technical needs for medical centers, translational science institutes, hospitals, payers, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.

Biomedical Informatics

Clinical Informatics Consulting

CiDrep informatics solutions also drives the requirements for big data informatics cloud platforms, that integrate and manage the full variety, velocity and volume of data. Data that allow the application of advanced analytics to access information in its native form that can then be analyze to create an environment for building new clinical and medical knowledge, workload optimization and scheduling with security and governance.

We can design, build and implement a powerful, easy-to-use informatics infrastructure with applications for:

  1. Information and data aggregation that lead to meaningful towards permanent care.
  2. The integration of IT and clinical information department to create an Informatics Department.
  3. Development of Clinical Informatics solutions that support efficiency, care quality and mitigation of clinical information policies and governance risks for Electronic Patient Records.
  4. Collect and analyze a broad set of data from healthcare providers and patients to effectively detect, assess, and understand adverse events.
  5. Support many types of bioinformatics data analyses (routine and customized) that involve any types of Next Generation Sequences data produced from any sequencing platforms, and for any established pipeline or novel applications, then further work with you to implement cloud-based registries to house and manage your big data.
  6. Allow exchange of data between systems in your healthcare and clinical environments with many leading industry standards.
  7. Work with your teams to create standards that better optimize your patient care work-flow and delivery processes and get the most from your clinical software investments.