CiDrep 360° Informatics As A Service (IaaS)

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CiDrep Solutions – A 360° Managed Informatics As A Service

CiDrep managed informatics as as service (TaaS) is an integrated advisory and implementation on-premises solution and delivery model that can be tailored to align with yourCiDrep People business technology strategies. Our consulting and advisory service is a single point for accountability to handle all your planning,  implementation or expanding your existing technology, GE Centricity and/or informatics operations at a fixed cost. 

We make your day-to-day clinical  healthcare and research technology operations a non-issue so you can focus on your business strategic and objectives. Do more with our consulting services for clinical, behavioral health, translational research and life sciences. Our technical professional services team deliver personal service that helps you meet your business and technology needs.

  • Our work results in the integration of IT and clinical information department to create an Informatics Department.
  • Our work results in the development of Clinical Informatics solutions that support efficiency, care quality and mitigate of clinical and information policies and governance risks for Electronic Patient Records.
  • Our work shift operations from data production to the provision of “business intelligence” –  delivering data analysis for clinicians, divisions and board reporting.
  • Our work help healthcare and research organizations identify, aggregate, normalized, interpret and represent data from widely disparate data sources, to identify undiscovered patterns in data in ways that are meaningful for clinicians.
  • Our work design and developed next generation sequencing (NGS) genomic data analysis workflow that facilitates and accelerated biomedical research discoveries.

CiDrep Total IT Managed Services

  • Manage technology such as, Desktops, Notebooks, Servers and Networks
  • Install, Manage, and Update Virus, Spam and Spyware/Malware Protection Software (security)
  • Install and Manage Software Updates and Patches
  • Manage Storage and Backup for Servers and Workstations
  • Install and Manage Firewalls and Wireless Access Point Devices
  • Configure and Support Microsoft 365 Cloud Solution (exchange email and share point) or On-Premised Data Centers
  • Provide Anywhere/Remote Access to Your Email
  • Provide 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • We can provide you with onsite subject matter experts (SME) to make sure your issues and concerns about your healthcare and research technology services are addressed as you continue to be thrilled with CiDrep.