Bioinformatics, Medical & Laboratory Informatics Services

Bioinformatics & Laboratory Informatics Services

CiDrep understands life sciences challenges and can deliver solutions for research informatics to enable investigators to management, track outcomes and identify quality measures in ways that they work. We have the expertise to integrated research systems from multiple disparate platforms into a central laboratory information management systems and repository.


CiDrep Laboratory and Research Informatics Services

Scientific Informatics Consulting Services

Bioinformatics consulting services offered by CiDrep focus on software tools and solutions for integrating and handle specific computational systems that drives care and translational research. We can help you achieve operational success and realize strategic goals by utilizing laboratory notebooks (ELN) & management systems (LIMS). Let us expand on your custom informatics application development, with our platform to design, build and test with full design functionality integration for the early stages of research project development. These services include:

  • Study design for NGS projects/feasibility consultation
  • Bioinformatics analysis planning (Seq, Methylation-Seq, ChIP-Seq, Exome/WG-Sequencing, etc.)
  • Technical advice for involved researchers on bioinformatics data management and computing
  • Assistance with research computing (Cloud) infrastructure 

CiDrep Cloud Solutions

We offer the best fit Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Services (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud Computing solutions. Read more →

Computational & Bioinformatics Services

We have the platform and the tools specific to your research and to meet the challenges of structural proteomics and genomics data management. Read more →

We can empower health agencies with disease data aggregation tools and the capability to share information for outbreak response and reporting. Benefit from a broad, deep spectrum of products and research informatics services relevant to basic and translational research. We support academic, non-profit, commercial, pharmaceuticals, drug discovery and Biotech through the design and adoption of informatics solutions. Read more →]