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When it comes to computer monitors, bigger is usually better—Today’s LCD/LED displays offer features and benefits that are leaps and bounds such as touchscreen. LCDs also take up less desk space, are easier to move, and consume much less power. Shop CiDrep—and don’t forget to check for a wide selection of brands, from HP monitors, Acer to Lenovo monitors, and discover the benefits of a modern display.

One-Step Setup

Deployment couldn’t be simpler. This flexible, modular solution allows you to neatly slot the Tiny-in-One II into the back of the display within seconds, saving you deployment costs.

Refresh Display and PC Separately

The Tiny-in-One II and the display can be refreshed separately, unlike traditional All-in-One systems where the display and PC are integrated. You can refresh or upgrade your PC when you need.

Designed to Impress

With a sleek borderless with up to 24-inch display, you’ll impress customers and colleagues alike. The display integrates anti-glare technology, meaning you’ll have a clear display no matter the angle.

Enhanced Audio

Some comes fitted with an embedded speaker, making conferencing and entertainment easier

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