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Synology Data Account and Privilege Management

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For Healthcare:

Hospitals should comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to ensure the privacy of individually identifiable health information in terms of physical, technical, and network safeguard. With a HIPAA compliant storage, Protected Health Information (PHI) can be safely stored, managed, shared, and transmitted. Synology NAS is HIPAA compliant, providing technical safeguards, such as encryption, file access control, and hardware encryption engine to efficiently protect healthcare information, without affecting performance. Find out which model is the best fit for you

SSL/ TLS encryption

Healthcare information can be protected with SSL encryption during data transmission. If anyone tries eavesdropping on the hospital network, they’ll only receive scrambled, encrypted data. Find out which model is the best fit for you

256-bit AES encryption

Data stored on Synology NAS is safe with 256-bit AES encryption,since it can only be decrypted with the same key that was used to encrypt the data. Hence, hospitals don’t need to worry about sensitive healthcare information leaked when their NAS or disks fall into wrong hands. Find out which model is the best fit for you

Hardware encryption engine

With hardware encryption engine, select Synology NAS can offload encryption calculation tasks away from the main CPU, so data transmission speed of the encrypted files will not be affected and the processing power is freed up for other important tasks. Find out which model is the best fit for you

Build a cost-effective PACS system with Synology NAS

Build a cost-effective PACS system with Synology NAS

Hospitals store large electronic images such as X-rays plain films, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging in PACS (Picture archiving and communication system), allowing efficient access to images from multiple modalities. With the PACS package, hospitals can build a cost-effective PACS system with Synology NAS.

Hospitals’ mission-critical service disruption can lead to data loss, cost big money, and even affect medical operation. Investing on Synology NAS in advance can maximize system uptime.

Hospitals across the globe have already integrated Synology NAS servers and successfully protected sensitive healthcare information with various Synology features. Check out our case studies to see what people are saying about Synology NAS.

Backing up a hospital’s Synology NAS to another Synology NAS located locally or at another location with Network Backup, Shared Folder Sync, or Cloud Station. That way, if the main Synology NAS crashes, medical personnel can recover the data stored on the backup Synology NAS. Find out which model is the best fit for you


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Synology’s versatile and comprehensive range of products are designed to suit all occasions, meeting different industry demands and catering to specific individual needs. Find out which model is the best fit for you


Find out which model is the best fit for you